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This is Me

How would it feel to be totally OK with who you are and the body you are in, as it is, right now? For some this isn't an issue but for many, it is hard even to imagine such a reality - one of ease, acceptance and unconditional care for the flawed one - yourself.

This is what I was thinking about when I made this piece, it is knitted waxed cotton and a fine silver crescent moon affixed to a fine silver covered porcelain ball (sealed against tarnishing).

It is a designer dress for the single breasted woman.

I was imagining a world where we design to embrace imperfection instead of to hide it. I thought that a dress, instead of working hard to hide our "less than desirable" features, becomes instead a celebration of the beauty of asymmetry and alternative silhouettes.

Think of the power that would come from welcoming what differentiates us and walking the contrasting path, head high, with poise.

Young people openly pronounce " I'll be judged if I wear that!" or "She gave me such a judgey look". What liberation there would be in not needing to conform. Just free. Just beautiful. Just as we are.

This work is encouragement to take up the challenge and start our move beyond social anxiety. To wear a dress that expresses everything about who we would love to be; who we really are - magnificent, loveable and flawed.


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