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Having spent most of my childhood making things, I did toy with the possibility of becoming an artist in my teens, particularly a jewellery artist, but growing up in a family of scientists saw me follow my fascination for human physiology first. My career in science and law as a patent attorney only began to be put aside in 2006 when I discovered precious metal clay at the Asimi College of Jewellery in Hong Kong. I loved the fluidity, pliability and unexpected possibilities that metal clay provided and this gave me the inspiration and impetus to express my abiding passion for sculptural and wearable art.  

about my work

I work on the premise that when sculpture responds to the human condition, the onlooker's interaction with a collection of objects evolves into an artistic collaboration that enhances our collective understanding. 


I mostly use hand worked natural fibres, flotsam and salvaged objects and precious metal clay (which upon firing becomes fine, recycled, silver).  Natural fibres give a grounded nature to the work and a sense of continuum in the use of traditional skills to manipulate them.  Found objects are mysterious, full of possible stories, purpose and travels.  Silver brings preciousness, reflections and brightness which beautifully lift the sometimes weighty themes behind the work.


The curious arrangement of these materials, accented by my written thoughts, seeks to inspire a deeper consideration of our shared experience.

about me


The textile aspect of the works I have been playing with since childhood when my devoted mother patiently taught me weaving, knotting, embroidery, crochet, knitting, sewing.....the fun is in coaxing these skills out of their traditional roles and into the modern artistic context of sculpture and sculptural jewellery design.

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